I'm Amanda Larson, the Open Education Librarian at Penn State University! 

I originate from Ohio where I attended Lourdes University for my undergraduate degrees in English and History. After that I attended Eastern Michigan University where I earned a Master of Arts in Literature. My thesis combined my love of crafting and literature, but also made me realize I didn’t want to pursue a PhD in Literature.

Ready for my next adventure, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library & Information Studies. Once there, I diversified my interests to focus on both archives and libraries. A self-styled library-archives hybrid, I am passionate about technology, open educational resources, and metadata. I am an avid lover of technology, and bring enthusiasm for both user experience and diving under the hood of an interface and coding.

I've just moved to Mill Hall, PA which is nestled in Nittany Valley to start my work at Penn State as the Open Education Librarian.  

A self-proclaimed geek who loves steampunk and video games. In my spare time, I hone my post-apocalyptic life skills by knitting, sewing, and canning food.